Caution conviction: right, left and straight ahead!

I think God is trying to tell me something.  I may have been ignoring Him.

I have been listening to sermons while at work lately.  It helps a day filled with mindlessness fly past.  Mostly I have been listening to Irwin McManus from Mosiac, a gigantic multi-cultural church in Los Angeles.  He is a charismatic teacher who preaches straight from the Bible.  I also go to a weekly bible study titled Believing God, at which we view a video message from Beth Moore.

The funny thing is I have been getting convicted at every turn.  Doesn’t matter what the topic of the sermon is, it cuts right to the core of me.  My spirit is sitting up and paying attention.  I think that I am not living rightly in ANY area of my life.  These sermons are all different topics!  In the past when God has wanted to get my attention He has had bring the same topic to me from several different areas enabling me to easily grasp what it is He is communicating.  But what am I to do with stuff from all across everywhere?  That is why I think He is telling me my whole life is being lived wrongly, selfishly, unGodly.  Uh, now what?

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